Gifts aren't time related

Why are we getting pressured to buy certain people gifts?
Gifts are not supposed to be time related, by that i mean having a deadline or any specific time for the matter, nor be event related.

A gift is something you get someone when you notice the soon-to-be-gift first, then you think about the person that popped in your head at that time (e.g "oh, person x really loves candle socks, i'm gonna get him this one!') THAT is a gift. The things someone gets for his birthday are not gifts, the gifts you get at Christmas are not gifts... and so on, any 'gift' you get because of a time related event, is not a gift; it's a social token that you have to give back!

Words and their meanings

Whenever i think of "Vertical" or "Horizontal" i have to go through and extra step before knowing which is which. What i mean by that is the word "Horizontal" isn't directly link to a state or a representation of it, same with "Vertical". And what i mean by what i meant, is for example if i take "Right" and "Left", those word are linked directly to a direction. When i think "Right" i automatically know which side is it, the same goes for "Left." But for "Vertical/Horizontal", and "East/West" for that matter, it is NOT the case. I have to add another step in the process to know which is which. But why? Why is "Right/Left" directly understandable to me (one link or one layer of thinking), while "Horizontal/Vertical" need at least two links? Is it because i'm bad at "localization thinking" if that expression means anything? probably not since i don…

Can you be forced into doing anything against your will?

Is it actually possible to do something against your will?
First of all, let's assume that we have free will. And by that i mean that we have total control over our decisions and actions, whether or not these decisions/actions that we take are scripted or pre-programmed by some external entity is irrelevant.
The question is as follows: if you take a decision, is it possible for someone to force you to act in an opposite way - not change your mind - by actually make you go against what you decide to go for?
In my opinion it is impossible for such thing to be doable. With the exception of when you can be forced to do something without you actually doing it*.
This probably doesn't make sense so let me try to explain it by an example: You're transporting an amount of money that isn't yours and that you shouldn't give to anybody except its recipient, but someone points a gun at you and asks you for it, the offender is determined to get the money at any cost but will s…

Why Ni doms can't be the rarest types amongst women

Why Ni doms can't be the rarest types amongst women An MBTI critic from Socionics point of view.
As we know, the most successful men in the dating game, and the men looked upon as desirable mates are all described by - but not limited to - the following words: Alpha male, Leader of the pack, Knows what he wants, Confident, Dominating, Controlling, Assertive, Strong, Powerful.

You can clearly see the pattern there, indeed, that looks like a perfect description of the F, ‘Power Sensing’, or ‘Se’. People with F in their base function can easily be described as stated earlier. Which brings us to our point; If the majority of women want men that give the impression of being F base function, then that would mean that they are F suggestive, that their dual seeking function is F, making their Base Function T, ‘Intuition of Time’ or ‘Ni’.

How can T Base Function be the rarest types if F Suggestive Function is the most common?

I’ll leave this question up for debate before I answer it – give …

Fixing Eric's model (27/April/2017)

Eric's model You and Your tight Moisture
a taxonomy of human existence that makes sense

By Host Eric (and now getting fixed by CASuaLII) of Talking with Famous People
In this document blog post, I’ll attempt to fix the taxonomy model proposed by Host Eric, The model called “You and Your Moisture” has some nice ideas and good potential, it is not Socionics but it’s aight I guess. Although the model sounds c00l to the untrained eye, it seems to have some issues resulting in me (Casual INTP) not approving of it. I tried to turn a blind eye but it seems that Eric believes it is perfect and he’s spreading it like AIDS, which made me go out of my way to be a little productive by finding a solution to this problem. I think it is my duty to help reduce the amount of wrong information and assumptions in the typology community (MBTI has done enough), so here we go!
PS: this is probably not perfectly organized but I just came up with this yesterday and today is Eric’s birthday (o…