Why Ni doms can't be the rarest types amongst women

 Why Ni doms can't be the rarest types amongst women

An MBTI critic from Socionics point of view.

As we know, the most successful men in the dating game, and the men looked upon as desirable mates are all described by - but not limited to - the following words: Alpha male, Leader of the pack, Knows what he wants, Confident, Dominating, Controlling, Assertive, Strong, Powerful.

You can clearly see the pattern there, indeed, that looks like a perfect description of the F, ‘Power Sensing’, or ‘Se’. People with F in their base function can easily be described as stated earlier. Which brings us to our point; If the majority of women want men that give the impression of being F base function, then that would mean that they are F suggestive, that their dual seeking function is F, making their Base Function T, ‘Intuition of Time’ or ‘Ni’.

How can T Base Function be the rarest types if F Suggestive Function is the most common?

I’ll leave this question up for debate before I answer it – give my point of view – in an upcoming article, stay tuned!


  1. What the majority of women want does not necessarily imply that there are a plethora of that type. There may be a decent amount of males trying to be that role as it is more desired by females but for the ones that are truly such a way, they probably do not make up the majority of the population. So even if an Se type is dual seeking Ni, that doesn't necessarily mean there are more of that type. Hopefully that makes sense.

    1. You're missing the point, I'm not talking about whether most men are actually Se doms or just trying to be that role. The point is whether or not most females are Se suggestive which you confirmed in your comment.

  2. A man can be all those things without Se in the ego. I would argue that any male with confidence in his base function (whatever it may be) would satisfy the essence of those "requirements" put forth by women.

    Se-seeking is more like needing and appreciating an impetus--to accomplish one's *own* goals. It's the Se-dom's activeness and decisiveness that rubs off and inspires. It is not perceived as grating or intruding, as it would be perceived by others. It comes down to valuing Se, of course. Not all regard a prod a valuable or positive thing. It'd be erroneous to think an Ni-dom to be completely passive, submissive, or yielding (as is insinuated). Ni-doms bend under pressure, they don't collapse, and they most definitely have the capacity to push back :)


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