Words and their meanings

Whenever i think of "Vertical" or "Horizontal" i have to go through and extra step before knowing which is which.

What i mean by that is the word "Horizontal" isn't directly link to a state or a representation of it, same with "Vertical".
And what i mean by what i meant, is for example if i take "Right" and "Left", those word are linked directly to a direction. When i think "Right" i automatically know which side is it, the same goes for "Left." But for "Vertical/Horizontal", and "East/West" for that matter, it is NOT the case. I have to add another step in the process to know which is which.
But why? Why is "Right/Left" directly understandable to me (one link or one layer of thinking), while "Horizontal/Vertical" need at least two links?
Is it because i'm bad at "localization thinking" if that expression means anything? probably not since i don't have that problem for "Right/Left." Is it because English isn't my mother tongue? probably not since i have the same problem in my first language.

I honestly don't have an answer to that question! But a valid assumption would be that i learned them incorrectly the first time, and when i figured out the mistake and corrected it i had to do it in at least two steps either because 1) I had to add a an extra "safety check" in order to know that i have it figured out correctly this time or 2) the direct link between the word and its meaning was already used by the wrong meaning and i couldn't override it with the "new" correct one. In both cases two steps were necessary to link "Horizontal" with "something sideways like the Horizon" and "Vertical" with "something that isn't sideways like the horizon ergo something like a line top to bottom (because they have to be perpendicular)."

Having said this, i think if it means anything it would be how difficult it is to change ones belief, especially one that they've learned, have believed in, have been thought... during childhood. So don't tell your kids stupid shit in case you have any kids, unless you believe in that stupid shit yourself you stupid piece of shit (couldn't help it, sounded funny in my head).

Anyways, you may or may not enjoy cheese so feel free to eat whatever you want, no pressure.


  1. Haha. I do the same thing. I have a bunch of things like that where there are groups of related terms and I automatically know which concept-group I need, but sorting out the term that I specifically need often takes an extra step of cognition. If I don't do that extra step, I'm likely to say the wrong word, even though I am thinking of the correct image/concept/thing.

    I'm curious if there is equal necessity for extra cognitive step in both directions of thought? Do you experience the same uncertainty when processing the word 'horizontal' from an external source, i.e. when relating the term to the relevant spacial concept, as you do when labeling the concept yourself?


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