Can you be forced into doing anything against your will?

 Is it actually possible to do something against your will?

First of all, let's assume that we have free will. And by that i mean that we have total control over our decisions and actions, whether or not these decisions/actions that we take are scripted or pre-programmed by some external entity is irrelevant.

The question is as follows: if you take a decision, is it possible for someone to force you to act in an opposite way - not change your mind - by actually make you go against what you decide to go for?

In my opinion it is impossible for such thing to be doable. With the exception of when you can be forced to do something without you actually doing it*.

This probably doesn't make sense so let me try to explain it by an example: You're transporting an amount of money that isn't yours and that you shouldn't give to anybody except its recipient, but someone points a gun at you and asks you for it, the offender is determined to get the money at any cost but will spare your life if he gets it. We will assume that your decision was not to give him the money but you gave it to him anyway, walked away unharmed, then met with the recipient and he's now asking you for his money. How many excuses can you say that are actually valid and make sense?

In my opinion there is only one valid excuse, one that states that you willingly gave away the money such as: "I gave him your money so he would spare my life." Any other excuse that states that you gave the money against your will is completely wrong as such thing is impossible and can never occur*. You could have not given the offender the money, he would have shot you dead and would have taken the money anyways. But that scenario didn't happen because you gave the money willingly. Every action we take is our own and each and every action we take has consequence(s) be it a positive - in our example giving away the money for your life - or negative - not giving away the money and dying - but in both cases the choice is yours and nobody can force you to do anything against your will!

Yes... i know... Se PoLR but still, i don't think you can prove me wrong.

*Example: Someone tells you to change your location and move from the place you're standing in, you decide not to and refuse to move, they pick you up and move you into another location. They forced you to change location against your will but you didn't change your location, it happened to you.


  1. it was your will to give him the money once a consequence was provided - you die, it was not your will/ want for the scenario to occur in the first place or for you to lose that money. OK lets assume the criminal gives you the option, you chose to give the money but then he shoots you dead anyway, you chose one option but received the other.. you do not have free will. They have made you take an action and made you take a binary choice.

  2. The will to live takes precedence and therefore nulls and voids the will to deliver the money. In actuality, a changing of mind did not take place. Simply, a rerouting of course.

    Still, your argument stands..


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